The whys, wherefores and essentials of any 'technology in business' topic

Sponsor a THINGUIDE to share with your customers, clients and prospects

For the reader

THINGUIDEs will benefit business leaders who are used to having a firm grasp of everything that affects their business. The guides provide practical advice to those intelligent professionals who don't have great technology skills and who traditionally lack the time to try and understand what technology can do for them.
A THINGUIDE gives business readers sufficient grasp of a subject to enable them to fully participate in the technology strategies that are becoming central to the functioning of all organisations.

For the sponsor

The attractive and pocket-sized THINGUIDE targets your prospects, contacts, clients or customers. It offers you the opportunity to promote your business and confirm your position. The cover includes your firm's logo. The inside front cover carries your advertisement, facing an introductory foreword from, for example, your CEO or MD. The inside back cover can contain your message to the readers. And the back cover can show endorsements from relevant key industry bodies, if appropriate.

If you think your organisation would benefit from sponsoring a THINGUIDE (or more than one) we'd be delighted to work with you.

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